Black Gold Pump & Supply has developed an Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) bypass tool assembly, named H-Tool. The H-Tool assembly offsets the ESP from the main tubing. This provides a straight path to allow access below the ESP to run down hole instruments and tools. With our in-house machine shop, we can manufacture a custom designed H-Tool to allow the maximum inside diameter of the instrument's tube for the particular well profile. This can provide greater down hole tool selection options so there is no need to settle on what others have on the shelf.

The flow area is hand polished where the fluids enter the main tubing flow to minimize erosion and provides for the smoothest flow rate possible. To ensure the greatest corrosion resistance possible, the entire H-Tool body is electroless nickel plated.

Black Gold Pump & Supply has well trained employees who can come on the job site to run in the H-Tool to ensure the best quality and safest installation possible.

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