Pump Cages

Black Gold Pump & Supply distributes, manufactures, and custom designs a wide selection of API full-open faced pump cages. All of the Black Gold Pump & Supply cages are full-open faced cages, designed to move the maximum amount of trash, sand, and scale. The full open cage also has a 2X better flow rate than a non-full-open cage. Black Gold Pump & Supply's cages are designed to ensure maximum life, which allows for better pump efficiency, and longer run times.

With Black Gold Pump & Supply's machine shop and our custom engineering, we can design a cage that fits the pumping conditions of any well. Our cages come in many different materials such as: 4140 & 1026 alloy steel (special high strength material steel), 304 stainless steel (recommended for corrosive environments), 316 stainless steel (higher grade stainless, for better corrosion resistance), monel (for extreme corrosion, abrasive, and deep well applications), and nickel plated (for heavy corrosion and abrasive conditions). We make the finest quality pump parts, designed for your special well applications.

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