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Spray Metal Grooved

This is Black Gold Pump & Supply's most popular plunger; it provides great wear and corrosion resistance. The engineering behind the grooved plunger was designed, invented, and manufactured by Black Gold Pump and Supply many years ago and is now used throughout the oil industry. Oil is held in the grooves, which allows it to stay lubricated; increasing life of the plunger, barrel, and efficiency of the pump. The grooves in the plunger also help move sand, scale, and trash. We provide the spray metal grooved plunger in all sizes and from 1 1/4"- 4 3/4".

Fluid Seal Assembly

The fluid seal plunger is an extension on bottom top and bottom of your plunger assembly. We take our standard spray metal grooved plunger and add these special extensions that are made of ultrathane. Ultrathane is a corrosion and abrasive resistance material that has an operating melting point of 225 degrees Fahrenheit. The fluid seals are a flexible material that can bend up to a 30 degree angle without breaking. The fluid seals fit tightly in the barrel, and measure -002 fit in the barrel. The fluid seal plunger is recommended for wells with fine sand that tend to cause scoring and grooves on the plunger, which then affect the efficiency of your pump. The fluid seals are available in all sizes from 1 ¼"- 4 ¾".

Pressure Actuated Plunger

The P.A. plunger is a spray metal plunger with 20, 40, or 60 ring grooves cut into the plunger. The plunger is designed for high abrasive well conditions, which can cause sufficient pump wear in a short amount of time. The plunger has a fit of a -005, which allows bigger pieces of trash to pass by the plunger with ease. The rings help lift fluid, sand, trash, and scale through the barrel. On the up-stroke, the rings swell up and wipe the barrel clean; which then allows for a more efficient pumping condition. The rings are suggested for corrosive, abrasive, and high temperature wells.

Mercury Extended Plunger

The Black Gold Pump & Supply Mercury plunger is designed to improve pump life and efficiency in sandy, scaly, or trashy wells. The plunger is a spray metal grooved plunger that ranges from 7’-36’ long. It allows minimum clearance between barrel and plunger, and helps prevent sand, scale, and trash from being trapped between the plunger and barrel. This plunger allows one to release sand, scale, and trash into the tubing, rather than releasing them into the barrel; preventing sticking, scoring, and grooving of the plunger, which reduces pump efficiency. This plunger maximizes the pump efficiency, and extends the run time of the well. We provide this plunger from 1 ¼" - 2 ¾";  and upon special request, we can provide longer and bigger plungers.

Machine Plunger

Black Gold Pump & Supply is the proud inventor of the machine plunger. The machine plunger was designed for horizontal, deviated, and fluid pound conditions. Over the years, we have seen thousands of the top-open cages on the plunger assembly part due to the flex of the cage while pumping. This causes the threads to break off, resulting in a failure. In a regular plunger assembly, threads are exposed, which allows movement of the threads. In a horizontal, deviated, or fluid pounding well condition, the regular top-open cage may part. With Black Gold Pump & Supply's machine plunger, your cage will never part in the hole again. We machine down the threads on both the plunger and the top-open cage, which allows the plunger to be face-to-face with the cage creating perfect tension, and making it impossible for the threads to flex, bend, and part in the hole. We recommend this plunger in all deep, horizontal, and deviated well conditions.


The monel plunger is used in severe corrosion conditions. In a highly corrosive well, regular plunger pins can wear down easily, causing pins to break or develop corrosion holes. The monel pin extensions, provide a completely covered plunger pin; which are made from corrosion resistant materials. This is added to the regular plunger assembly. The monel coating has a hardness of Rockwell 58-62, and is corrosion and abrasion resistant, allowing it to be used in the highest of corrosive conditions.

Martin Wiper Composition Ring

The Black Gold Pump & Supply Martin Wiper Composition Plunger is a soft packed plunger, with rings that swell up in down-hole fluids to maximum tightness in the barrel. These rings are selected based on the gravity of oil being produced, and the bottom hole temperature of the well. This plunger is designed for sandy conditions, or where large percentages of particulates are being produced. The Martin Wiper Composition Rings come in all plunger diameter sizes.

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