K-Bar / Sinker Bars

Black Gold Pump & Supply provides high quality custom manufactured K-bars/sinkers bars. Black Gold Pump & Supply's K-bars/sinker bars provide extra weight on the rod string to help keep the rod string straight and in tension. If no K-bars/sinker bars are present on the bottom of the rod string in deep, deviated, or big bore pumps, the rods will buckle, bend, and go into compression; causing rod parting and pump failure. K-bars/sinker bars can increase production by keeping the rods in tension and making the total rod stretch decrease, which allows the pump to be more efficient.

Black Gold Pump & Supply's K-bars/sinker bars are made from 1045 carbon steel. They come in 20' and 25' lengths with the option of 1 1/2" diameter with a 3/4" pin, or 1 5/8" diameter with a 7/8" pin. We can also turn your old 1 1/2" polished rods into 1 1/2" X 3/4" pin K-bars/sinker bars in our machine shop for a low cost.

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