No Tap Tool

The No Tap Tool enables you to pump in wells that have a high gas cut. This tool unseats the traveling valve at the start of every down stroke, preventing a gas lock situation. The patented design of The No Tap Tool allows the pump's plunger to rotate, or take the path of least resistance, on every stroke, reducing plunger wear. It also allows one to avoid tapping down on the pump when sand or trash starts causing the pump to stick. Tapping down on your pump can cause severe pump damage and possible pump failure in the long run. If you have trash, sandy, or gassy well conditions, the No Tap Tool is highly recommended.

The No Tap Tool is made from XM-19 stainless steel and has a hardness of Rockwell 34, which makes it high in strength and corrosion resistant. The No Tap Tool can be run with 1 1/4" -  2 1/4" bore size pumps. 

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