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Black Gold Pump & Supply uses the highest quality of 'On & Off' Tools. We sat down years ago with Browning Oil Tools to come up with a high strength, and durable On & Off Tool. We designed a tool made out of magnum 4140 alloy steel, which is heat treated for highest strength possible.

The On & Off Tool is used when the pump plunger is bigger than the drift of the tubing string. The On & Off Tool is also used as an insurance tool against well conditions with high sand, scale, or paraffin issues. The On & Off Tool allows you to release the rods out of the hole safely without having to strip out or part rods. This tool is best used when placed 2 to 3 joints above the pump, to ensure that the On & Off Tool does not get stuck down hole.

The Browning On & Off Tool is also available in a nickel plated coating material, which is corrosion and abrasion resistant.

Click here to see Black Gold Pump & Supply's chart on how to run your On & Off Tool; and how to size up which tool to use with your current down hole pump.

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