Polished Rods

Black Gold Pump & Supply sells and distributes polished rods in a wide variety of strengths and sizes with many different finish options. Our polished rods can be used in any well conditions whether the condition is corrosive or abrasive, with light loads, or heavy loads.

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4140 Alloy Steel Polished Rods

Made from cold finish 4140 alloy steel. These are recommended for medium to heavy loads, under mild corrosive conditions.

Nickel Carbide Polished Rods

Made from cold finish 4140 alloy steel (this has a different coating than the other 4140 alloy steel rod). These are recommended for high abrasion and/or high corrosion conditions with medium to heavy loads.

Spray Metal Polished Rods

Made from cold finish 1045 carbon steel, with a hard spray surface applied to the outside diameter of the polished rod. These are recommended for highly abrasive and/or corrosive conditions, with medium to heavy loads. We can custom spray your polished rods to your specific needs.

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