R Drains

Black Gold Pump & Supply manufactures our own custom-made R-drain. The R-drain is used in a tubing pump application, when there is no possible way to drain the fluid from the tubing string without blowing a hole in the tubing. The R-drain is designed to drain your tubing string by simply rotating the tubing to the right. It takes a 310 degree rotation to blow the R-drain's brass plug on the inside. This easy-to-use drain is simple and safe; not requiring any pressure build up on the tubing.

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Fike Drain

Black Gold Pump & Supply distributes parts for Fike. Fike Drains provide a positive method to equalize the fluid level in tubing strings, without mechanical manipulation. The rupture disc assembly contains a 7/8" opening area. Appropriate production practices include Fike Drains as standard equipment in all wells, to eliminate the potential hazards associated with pulling wet tubing strings. The Fike drain comes in a variety of burst pressures from 2500 psi to 8500 psi, and require the tubing to be pressured up to blow the disc and drain the tubing.

Click here to see specs, sizes, and grades of Fike Drains.

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